ILAC 優惠情報 2017

2017.03.01 ~ 2017.04.30 免註冊費.

加拿大 各校區  學費 20 %  OFF

Working holiday學生持有工作簽證也可享有免註冊費(整年度)

· ESL Tuition (Adult): 20% on brochure price (please kindly see the attachement)

· Free Registration for Working Holiday Visa holder: $150 (minimum 4 weeks- Intensive English/Power English)- valid for whole year

Youth Path for Teens (14-17 years old)
·         Brochure price (please kindly see the attachment)

New Fee – Homestay High Season Supplement Fee
·         Additional $20/week will be applied from June 3/ 4 to September 2/ 3 (on Saturday to Saturday / Sunday to Sunday basis)

**Above fees/promotion will be starting to apply from January 1, 2017.



SEB 優惠 :  ( 專業證書課程 )

  • SEB 如需要語言課程ESL 235/week (Intensive English)。

Exclusive ESL Promotion to Taiwanese Students (for students who are conditionally accepted to SEB program)
·         $235/week- Intensive English
·         No ESL Registration Fee

SEB Practicum Benefit
·         Guaranteed Interview Arrangement (twice) 兩次面試
·         No Work Placement Fee 免安排費